What does "HOMES" mean? 

It's meaningful to us in several ways, but it's the great lakes acronym (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior).  To which you respond either: "I knew it!" or "Ohhhh... I've never heard that before"

How many beers do you have on tap?

We have 20 taps available, but plan to keep 8-12 beers on tap for the time being

What type of beers will you be brewing?

Though we plan to have a wide variety of styles, our focus will be on bright and flavorful hoppy beers and barrel aged sours

Who are you?

  • Tommy Kennedy - Ops/Design, dude with the plan, University of Michigan grad, spotty beard
  • Nick Panchamé - Head Brewer, formerly head brewer at Right Brain Brewery, culinary arts degree from Johnson & Wales University, fabulous beard
  • Noe Hang - Chef, Owner of No Thai!, Michigan State Grad, no beard

Will you have gluten free beer?

Not likely, but we will have spirits from ann arbor distillery and locally made wine/cider

How did you become the most adorable brewery on earth? 

Not now Mom!

Will you have food?

Yup, Chef Noe has crafted a menu of asian-influenced street food

Do you have TV's?

Yes, primarily for local sports and major sporting events (sorry, no Judge Judy)

Do you take reservations? 

No reservations, we have a fast casual dining setup with open seating

Are you going to distribute? 

Not planning on it.  We're putting a lot of good stuff in these beers and want to help ensure they are being served in the appropriate condition.  For now, that's easiest within our brewpub

Will you be selling beer to-go?

Yes! We have growlers and 750ml bottles for sale to be consumed off-premise. Also, plan on having can/bottle releases in the future